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Nanostructured Materials & Devices for Inorganic and Excitonic Solar Cells

Synthesis, characterization, and functionalization of nanomaterials for PV applications is an emerging research field which has recently attracted attention. Despite enormous potential applications of nanomaterials in PV, issues such as material stability, electronic quality of heterogeneous interfaces, and carrier transport in the nanomaterials, particularly at interfaces between inorganic nanomaterials and organic materials is still poorly understood.

The key transformative aspects of the research include the potential to produce
1) an understanding of the atomic processes responsible for light induced degradation in ns-Si 2) an understanding of the processes needed to fabricate stable and size controlled ns-Si for cost-effective solar cells;
3) excitonic solar cells that can efficiently collect photogenerated charge carriers;
4) new concepts and kinetic models for energy and charge transfer in inorganic-organic cell designs; and
5) experimental data and analytical models to explain excitonic solar cell characteristics.


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