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South Dakota IGERT Participants

  • South Dakota State University
  • South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
  • University of South Dakota


Sally Mabrouk

Being a SDSU student and a member of IGERT program will help me keep my core disciplinary focus and broaden my academic horizons through multi-disciplinary exposure and an intensive two-year team project. I will have the opportunity to get perspective on a range of topics outside my discipline through workshop where students present researches in-progress helping me to develop my ability to apply the tools from multiple disciplines to address the research question in [sic.]. I hope to get guidance from the STEM discipline community through their comments and suggestions on how to improve the research helping me to focus my project.

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Bjorn Vaagensmith

Bjorn Vaagensmith, SDSU

"In today's fast pace and competitive research, the IGERT program will give me the edge I need through the multidisciplinary studies component. Presenting my work to other South Dakota universities will sharpen my research focus and my professional outlook while exposing me to the work being done in their labs. The IGERT program offers so much to help me pursue career and research goals."

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Menan Hussein

Menan Hussein, IGERT Student, SDSM&T

"Being part of the research experience through the IGERT program has been invaluable for my PhD program and for my future career as a research scientist. This program provided me with priceless opportunities to expand my knowledge in interdisciplinary fields, research, and professional networking.  I am ever grateful for the generous financial assistance by the SD IGERT fellowship for allowing me to energetically focus more on my research and studies." 

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Stephanie Jensen, IGERT Student, USD

The IGERT program is especially important to me because of the interdisciplinary approach. I really look forward to travelling to another campus to work with a different group over the summer. It allows me the opportunity to explore other ways that computational chemistry can be implemented and just helps that much more when searching for a career after graduation.

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Luther MahoneyLuther Mahoney, IGERT Student, USD

The SD-IGERT fellowship has given me an avenue to network with researchers in alternative energy focused in solar energy conversion.  The additional resources have enabled me to focus on basic and an applied research for solving long-standing solar energy harvesting problem: water-splitting.  SD-IGERT collaboration between other South Dakota campuses will provide me the opportunity to complete research in developing more efficient dye-sensitized solar cells.  As a teaching team, I have recently taught and demonstrated chemical principles to under-represented population in sciences focused on solar energy utilization.  Finally, the SD-IGERT program component provides the opportunity to study and complete research in alternative energy at a national laboratory, such as National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).
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Wendi Sapp

The SD-IGERT program’s inclusion of multidisciplinary research is what originally attracted me to this opportunity. The additional component of educational outreach is exactly the kind of activity in which young researchers should be involved. The recommended curriculum for SD-IGERT students is well-rounded, and the variety allows one to select coursework in areas of interest. These three criteria (multidisciplinary research, educational outreach, and varied curriculum) indicate that my career preparations will definitely be enhanced by my participation in this program.

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Dasha Weatherman

As a SD-IGERT Trainee, I have been able to do outreach programs with some local Native American undergraduates. I’ve learned so much about their culture and the need they have for quality instructors. Also, I have broadened my understanding of other fields that I’m really interested in, such as Electrical Engineering. I am excited to perform collaborative research with other institutions.